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  1. Thanks for sharing! I really need to look into getting a GI Effects Panel. Never thought about this… but will bring it up with my doctor next time I see him. Again, thank you for sharing your story.

    FYI: I love kimchi and eat it every few days! My body craves it!

  2. I’m glad my story is helping. :) Western doctors don’t put much stock in the GI Effects Panel, so you may need to ask a naturopath to order it for you, which they’ll generally be happy to do.

    A note about cost: At the time I took it, the test was not typically covered by insurance, BUT I saved a lot on out-of-pocket costs by having insurance that the lab, Genova Diagnostics, accepted. I think that without insurance, the cost was in the hundreds of dollars, but with insurance, Genova reduced it to $99 out of pocket. Before my naturopath ordered the test, I made sure to find out which insurance plans Genova accepted, and learned that they did not accept Medicaid–which I was briefly on when I first moved to Portland. So I made sure to have private insurance when the test was ordered, and thus was able to get the reduced cost. In short, make sure to ask your naturopath (or doctor) about Genova’s payment options before getting the test!

    I hope that if you go this route, the test is worthwhile for you.

  3. Hi Katie,

    This is great. I too have a mild colitis, and have recently been wanting to look at gut bacteria as a way to get off my medicine. I may contact you soon with some more questions, if that’s alright. Thanks!

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