The Naturopath’s Mistake — 4 Comments

  1. So you abandoned the naturopath just like that? Did you ask her why she prescribed it? You should’ve asked! No second chances?

  2. I know, Big Pimpin–I was rather quick to pull the trigger. I wish I could remember, now, more of my conversations with this naturopath. I’m sure I did ask why she prescribed something with sugar, and I’m guessing she apologized and/or said she didn’t think a small amount of fructose would affect me. She may have also recommended other HMF probiotics that don’t have added sugar. But regardless, ultimately I didn’t feel completely trusting of her prescriptions…and trust is critical with a naturopath, since money tends to be limited and their prescriptions tend to be expensive. Later in the story, I’ll talk more about my experiences and “trust issues” with naturopaths.

  3. Hmm. No, I just regret not remembering exactly what else made me go in a different direction from her! I didn’t take great notes on this one, but was left feeling pretty sure she wasn’t the naturopath for me. I’m at peace with that, for now at least. :)

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